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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose expert?

HolyAstroTherapy has blend of professional astrologers and psychologist.

To know how the planets and star energy affects you? What is store for future? Go to "Astrology" (hyper link) Tab and choose your own astrologer and have a life reading. You will understand your life path.

You know your life path - But do not know how to handle your life situations, emotions, work - life balance, how to overcome break ups, manage depressions, feel positive. Then our psychology expert are available for your help. Go to "PSYHOLOGY" (hyper link) Tab and choose your own counsellor and get advice that will change your life for good.

2. Can I seek medical assistance or therapies from Expert?

No, HolyAstroTherapy can only provide guidance. We do not conduct medical therapies or treat mental illness. We only provide counselling. Please get in touch with medical experts for serious mental illness.

3. Who is eligible to be an expert?

Anyone who completed 18 years of age and have valid professional experience are eligible to become an expert. All experts will be screened and verified for authenticity. Only Psychology experts will be requested to submit soft copy of their professional degree or certification for verification. Astrologers/Psychics has exception from providing certification and will be verified based on experience. All experts has to undergo a test reading/counselling before approval.

4. What is the refund policy?

Users can request for refund within a day of service and when the service duration is not more than 5 mins (paid) of time. If the user has chatted with expert for more than 5 paid minutes refund will not be processed.

5. Can I suggest features?

We’d love to hear your ideas! Please send us any suggestions or comments you have to comments@holyastrotherapy.com.

 HolyAstroTherapy is for entertainment purposes only. Experts are not employees of HolyAstroTherapy

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