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Greetings Objectivity & compassion is essential to the reading. I will be your guide. Serenity & balance will be restored. I can articulate the divination my Clairsentience reveals. I will give a reading that has your well being first and foremost. My focus is balance and light. I read using my natural-born gifts, past-life experience and my very pragmatic nature. I am Clairsentient. I can connect at a very great distance. Miles have no meaning, time becomes relative. With the ability to connect to others at a great distance as well as those once removed from them. Mindful of my sixth sense since adolescence, I am empowered by skills & techniques learned by study & contemplation. I am an Astrologer using in combination Western & Chinese Astrology. This combination is based on lunar(Chinese) and solar(Western) cycles. You can't have day without night right? The combination reveals answers that are familiar and relative to the asker. I’m Scandinavian and my genealogy is a great part of my essence. I honor the old ways. I am a Rynstr (Rune Caster). I am called to practice this most powerful of all divination. Runes are holy. As I cast the old wisdom speaks. The Divination represents the whole in a unified way. The runes order themselves to mirror the reality of the one who asks. My favorite topic to read on is love, romance and relationships. I'm going to be honest but there is no sugar coating yet you will sense my care for your spirit and well-being. When you find yourself wanting more from life, just give me a call. It is an auspicious time to ask your pondered question and receive a blessing. May all your days be blessed and you walk in the light🌷


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